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Andy Blithe

Actor Director Producer Filmmaker Fitness Bootcamp Instructor

SOON to be touring the UK

with FREE pop-up fitness sessions


My name is Andy Blithe; Director, Actor, Filmmaker, Podcaster, Personal Trainer and Fitness Bootcamp Instructor.

I became involved in all these things in my mid forties. In my previous life I was in the RAF and then a Police Officer. Life is about new experiences and doing what you enjoy (as much as you can) I'm not materialistic or self-indulging and in February 2021 sold and gave away most of my possessions. I now reside in my Motorhome 'Penthouse One' 

Join me as I tour the UK very soon 'Getting the Nation Fitter' Visiting villages, towns and cities with FREE pop up bootcamps, fitness sessions and health advice. #gettingthenationfitter #sergeantbanter





Penthouse One

Somewhere on the Road

Somewhere in the UK


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