• Andy Turner

Sergeant Banter tours the UK visiting villages, towns and cities with free pop-up bootcamps.

I piloted a short project at the end of 2021 for 16 weeks taking 16 individuals through a program of Health & Well-Being and better habit forming. I ran the project for FREE. Aged between 21 and 71 they were put through a course involving, exercise, diet, social inclusion, private and group mentoring and habit changing. Of the 16 participants 13 finished the 16 weeks and the results were staggering!

  • They lost over 10 stone between them

  • On average their fitness improved by 25%

  • All reported better mental health

  • All reported feeling more confident

The project was recorded in a documentary 'Make a Habit - Break a Habit'

I want to take this idea and show the Nation that small changes can really make a difference!!


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